Methamphetamines Meth 101 Ice

What is Meth?

Powder Methamphetamine, commonly called speed or crank, is a central nervous system stimulant that has a crystalline appearnce much like salt. It is often found in blocks or chunks that look like thick peanut butter brittle. Depending on the way it is made it can also be red, pink, yellow, green, or tan. It is produced in illegal clandestine laboratories which are covered more in detail in the sections labeled Meth Labs.

The newest and more popular form of Methamphetamine is commonly referred to as “Ice”, “Shards”, or “Crystal”. It looks like tiny pieces of rock salt, crushed ice or small broken pieces of glass which is where it gets its name. It is more potent than the powder form of Methamphetamine and is often smoked to increase the effects of the high.

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