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About Meth Training

Georgia Drug and Gang Education and Consulting has been working with both small and large clients throughout the country for the last 10 years to develop courses that educate training attendees on the dangers of Meth and Meth labs. The curriculum covers various areas of interest on Meth and is suitable for all ages. Whether you are looking for a 30 minute lecture for youth or an 8 hour course for adults that are dealing with Meth related issues, we can develop a training to suit your needs. What you don’t know can hurt you and everyone needs to know the dangers of Meth use in the community. The following are examples of where Meth training could be applied.


We offer courses for both adults and youth in a church setting or youth group setting. The training is designed around a Sunday or Wednesday evening service that lasts approximately one hour in length and includes the dangers of Meth, the spiritual aspects of Meth addiction, as well as testimonials from current Christians that are recovering from Meth addiction. This training can be used to kick off an addictions program at your church or can be used to educate the parents and kids of the dangers of Meth use.


We offer courses for adults in the private sector. These trainings can be used as part of a drug free workplace theme and can be tailored in length and times so that everyone in your company can attend. Many companies are experiencing problems with employees or family members of employees using Methamphetamine. Thousands of lost work hours, accidents on the job and costly treatment programs may be avoided with a simple Meth training at your place of business.


We offer many various type trainings for private and public school settings. You may decide to offer a staff development day for employees that will raise their awareness of the dangers of Meth use by students or parents of students as well as the dangers of home visits to potential Meth using or producing homes. Your school district may also decide to offer training in a student assembly type setting that educates youth on the dangers of Meth use.


We offer various trainings for those involved in the public service including law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services, family protection agencies, as well as medical and treatment providers. These courses and be tailored to suit the specific area of your need and can include detailed Meth lab awareness for first responders.


We offer inspirational and educational trainings for special days in your community that raise awareness about the dangers that Meth use and production hold for the community as a whole.