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Primary Purpose Recovery


The Atlanta Metro Area currently has approximately 40 different treatment programs ranging from "high-end" programs, such as those offered by private hospitals, to various State and County programs provided for indigent clients. It is our contention that, despite this array of treatment services, there is an important segment of the population that is chronically underserved. These are the individuals who are either employed or employable, yet lack the insurance coverage or financial resources to attend traditional private treatment programs. Those that don't have these resources are referred to the already overburdened State or County facilities. We believe our programs at Primary Purpose Recovery Centers are ideally suited to provide quality care and treatment to this population.

The objective of Primary Purpose Recovery Centers is to provide comprehensive, intensive outpatient and residential treatment, as well as a variety of counseling and supportive services, at a cost that is affordable to the client. Primary Purpose is dedicated to providing quality care to all of our clients, with an emphasis on treating the chemically dependent (alcohol and other drug dependent) individual.

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