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About the Book: Prisoners Of Meth

“Prisoners of Meth” is a fascinating, round-trip journey into the dark world of Crystal Meth Addiction and the much needed return trip into the light through intervention and recovery for meth users. The book's author, Jesse W. Hambrick Jr., founded the Douglas County Meth Task Force in Douglas County, Georgia, and is considered a leading expert in the area of Methamphetamine production, distribution, use and treatment.

Mr. Hambrick wrote “Prisoners of Meth” after continually witnessing first hand the desperation and suffering experienced by the friends and family members of meth users and crystal meth addicts. This crucial guidebook on meth addiction offers common sense, plain-English answers to questions like, "What is methamphetamine?" and "How can I recognize the signs of meth addiction or abuse in my loved ones?" It also answers the question "What now?" that many friends and family members ask themselves when they find out their loved one is abusing Crystal Meth, and also provides in detail the ABC's of how intervene on behalf of a Meth user.

The book "Prisoners of Meth" is for you if:

  • you are currently struggling to help a loved one who is using Crystal Meth
  • you suspect that your loved one might have a meth addiction and don’t know where to turn
  • you are interested in finding out more about the destructive nature of meth

It is not only methamphetamine addicts that becomes prisoners of meth. People that love and care about them also become "Prisoners of Meth." Click here to order a copy of this incredible guidebook!